Parkinson Aquatic Centre


For this job, Spantech was part of a consortium of companies contracted by the Brisbane City Council to design, construct and operate the Parkinson Aquatic Centre at 751 Algester Road, Parkinson.

The consortium included:

  • City Venue Management – Lead Partner, Facility Operator and Leaseholder for the next 20 years.
  • Liquid Blu Architects – Architect.
  • Spantech – Principal Contractor and Project Manager.

The new aquatic centre is one of two new aquatic facilities opened in 2016 as part of the Lord Mayor’s 2012 election commitment.

Brisbane City Council

Parkinson Aquatic Centre

36 (m)

70 (m)

751 Algester Road, Parkinson, Queensland

Liquid Blu Architects – design input from CVM and Spantech

Principal contractor

The Parkinson Aquatic Centre includes:

  • a 50-metre heated eight-lane outdoor pool with accessible ramp
  • an 18-metre heated indoor leisure pool with accessible ramp
  • a kiosk/café
  • change rooms with showers and toilets, including family friendly and accessible change facilities
  • parents’ observation room
  • staff rooms, storage areas, plant room, service area
  • onsite car parking.

Key to the success of the project is the consortium’s single-minded focus on operational efficiency, design and build quality, and value for money. From the initial bid to the grand opening, the team worked together to deliver the best long-term solutions for Brisbane City Council and the Parkinson community.

  • Brisbane City Council required a facility that would satisfy the needs of the community, be delivered on time and within budget. The facility must also be of good quality to ensure it remains a lasting asset for the community.
  • Liquid Blu Architects created a sense of light and spaciousness in a facility with distinctive design elements. The design includes large, well defined functional spaces, modern finishes and room for future growth. This design philosophy attracts customers and makes the facility an enjoyable place to spend time. It also provides options for the Facility Operator to grow and expand.
  • Spantech was responsible for ensuring the design was buildable and achievable within the time frame and budget constraints. Spantech brought to the project a unique collection of construction technology, methods and project management experience. This included the Pinkenba 370 curved roof, fast Spantech suspended flooring system and more than 30 years of experience building sports and aquatic centre facilities. Spantech also ensured the materials and installed equipment were resilient and high quality to extend the life of the facility and reduce ongoing maintenance costs for the operator.
  • City Venue Management focused on creating a functional facility that can be operated efficiently and profitably for an extended period of time. Careful consideration was given to public safety, staff levels, operational efficiency and ongoing maintenance.

By working collaboratively, each member of the team was able to deliver their component with due consideration to the other members of the team, thereby delivering a project that benefits all key stakeholders, particularly Brisbane City Council and the public.

The Parkinson Aquatic Centre team was awarded the ‘Excellence in Aquatic Safety – Innovative and Safe Design’ as part of the National Aquatic Industry Safety Awards – 2017, presented by Royal Life Saving – Australia.

Parkinson Aquatic Centre – a place to call home.

The design includes space for future expansion.

Level 1 of the new building includes space for a full-facility gymnasium with a large reception, weights/equipment room, an open program room, dedicated amenities area and wheelchair access. The large balcony leading off the gymnasium reception and each exercise room all overlook the existing swimming pools.

At the front of the facility is an area for a future aquatic playground and open park space.