Emu Street Car Park


A striking new public car park has been built by Spantech in the heart of Longreach.

Designed by architect Chris Pritchett, the contemporary car park serves as a modern piece of transport infrastructure while hinting strongly at Longreach’s pioneering past. Inspired by the settler’s wagon, Chris used the wagon wheel as the central theme of the design. One of the major achievements was that, on a very tight building site, the roof was manufactured and installed in only five days.

“Four lightweight and quite delicate structural wheels support the structure, and the associated roof covering flies effortlessly over the parking area,” Chris notes.

“The Spantech Longreach (800) profile allows a minimal structural approach to create a delightfully enclosed and lofty area, uncluttered by the usual structural posts and beams expected of a covered car park.”

Shaded parking areas are at a premium in Longreach and this building will be well received by the public and tourists alike. Night-time lighting and adequate power outlets also allow for night markets or other events to be held in this area.

“This is a truly delightful place to park your vehicle!” Chris says.

Longreach Regional Council

Emu Street car park

40 metres

55.4 metres

112 Emu Street, Longreach, Queensland

Chris Pritchett

Principal contractor

Spantech product
Longreach 800

  • It is the only undercover car park in Longreach.
  • More than 50 per cent of the construction budget was used to hire local contractors.
  • The car park has space for 73 cars and four motorbikes.
  • The roof is made from the Spantech Longreach 800 profile.
  • This was the first major project to use the profile, hence the profile has been named in honour of the town.
  • Maximum span is 17.2 metres.
  • Maximum cantilever is 3.0 metres.
  • The Spantech Longreach 800 profile is only 1 mm thick.
  • The roof was manufactured and installed in just five days on a very tight site.