Bundaberg Airport Terminal


During the upgrade of the airport terminal, architect Steve Turner wanted to emulate the gently curving roof of the existing building, while avoiding the expense and visual clutter of the external overhead cables and columns used on Stage I.

Spantech was selected to design and install the structural steel and roof for the three new pavilions – a check-in building, departure lounge and baggage reclaim.

Spantech achieved the look and feel the architect was seeking by utilising the Woomera 300 panel and featured curved beams.

Bundaberg Regional Council

Bundaberg Airport Terminal, Stage 2

Bundaberg, Queensland

Sanders Turner Ellick Architects (STEA)

Virtually walk around Bundaberg Regional Airport, including the terminal, passenger pick-up and set-down areas and car park. You can even take a virtual walk out onto the apron and runway.