The invention of the stress-less connection.

The innovation allowed large span roofing panels to connect without stress. Less stress means spanning further without internal structural supports. Less stress means more resilience to span time. Oh, and less cost.


The perfect barrel for potatoes.

Designing a roof for a potato shed to keep out rain is one thing, but one that reduces moisture loss and degradation requires an intricate formula around width, height and airflow.

In collaboration with McCain Foods, we created a barrel shaped span that shapes air across stored potatoes that proved we were more than just a potato head.


They blew up our building.

A Spantech building was erected. Then Defence blew it up. There’s no greater test of our innovation and performance for Defence applications.

We won the battle and became a leader both here and overseas for buildings that withstand large blast wave forces.


Export licence for Malaysia.

As part of meeting the needs of overseas markets Spantech provided licences for its large span roofing, collaborating with local companies in Malaysia and later, in 1995, in the UAE.


What do Abigail, Craig, Fritz and Nelson have in common?

A cyclone shelter in Karumba in the Gulf of Carpentaria?

You need ‘cyclone proof’ when your town is in the path of a cyclone on average once a year.

Spantech built a multipurpose hall that was required to provide Category 4 protection. That’s very destructive winds of 225–279 km/h.

Since then, the shelter has been within 200 km of the eye of 14 tropical cyclones. That’s an ongoing innovation test if ever there was one.


Award-winning 40-metre span.

A multipurpose grain storage facility was required at Pinkenba.

But it required a 40-metre span.

Our innovative design reduced the size of the wall infrastructure needed, reduced costs and became our Pinkenba 370 design.


Gold. Gold. Gold.

Shade sails or steel roof for an all-weather Olympic pool? Span eight lanes and the reputation of Olympians like Leisel Jones, Geoff Huegill and Jessicah Schipper.

This is a race we won right from the start on our innovation in large span solutions.

A cheaper alternative with twice the warranty.


We’ve got bombs and need to store them.

Now say that in a Kiwi accent. Using our explosive storage experience and ‘know-how’, we at Spantech built a facility at Waiouru Army Depot in New Zealand for ammunition preparation, at NATO specifications. We delivered to lock-up in just nine months.


12 large span school buildings.

From Mackay in Queensland to Sydney in New South Wales, Spantech delivered 12 large span buildings to schools as a part of the Building Education Revolution. A collaborative approach to delivering a balance between budget and need.


Water storage protection for 50 years.

A new approach to roofing water storage.

Our solution reduced the amount of internal structural supports, saving construction time, construction costs and maintenance, and improving ventilation.

Spantech deployed its innovative approach and experience to solve large span roofing over circular water storage tanks.


Sexiest car park you ever did see.

In 2018 we launched the Longreach profiles. One mobile roll-form machine manufactures these two profiles. Now that’s innovative. Design advantages include: 12- and 20-metre spans, cantilever eaves from 3 to 5 metres plus it can be roll-formed from pre-painted coil steel or aluminium.