Environment. Responsibility. Sustainability.

We concentrate on a safe and sustainable work and community environment.

Integrated management system.

Spantech ensures a sustainable future for workers, clients and the communities where they work.

The company operates an integrated management system to comprehensively manage all safety, quality and environmental aspects of their operations. Early and effective collaboration and communication with clients and interested parties ensures the system effectively eliminates or manages the risks of each project.

Safe workplaces for workers and public:

  • Accredited under the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner’s Accreditation Scheme.
  • Certified Safety Management System to AS/NZS 4801.
  • Spantech consistently outperforms construction and manufacturing industry safety benchmarks.

Deliver quality, deliver consistently:

  • Certified Quality Management System to AS/NZS ISO 9001.
  • Supports a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Spantech has been awarded a number of Defence Quality Awards in both Australia and New Zealand.
  • Spantech maintains the quality of its technology with an ongoing research and development program.

Respect the natural environment:

  • Certified to Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
  • Spantech maintains an impeccable environmental record.