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Parkinson Aquatic Centre

Spantech is part of a consortium of companies contracted by the Brisbane City Council to design, construct and operate the Parkinson Aquatic Centre.  The consortium includes Liquid Blu Architects, Spantech and City Venue Management.

The project was recognised with a safety award from Royal Life Saving – Australia. For more information on this project see Parkinson Aquatic Centre.

Delivering the Parkinson Aquatic Centre

Parkinson Wins National Aquatic Industry Safety Award

Congratulations to Parkinson Aquatic Centre, who have been awarded the ‘Excellence in Aquatic Safety – Innovative and Safe Design’ as part of the National Aquatic Industry Safety Awards – 2017.


Parkinson Aquatic Centre – A place to call home


Campbeltown Reservoir for Sydney Water

Sydney Water was keen to explore innovative, high quality and cost effective solutions when they replaced the roof of the Campbelltown Reservoir.  Sydney Water provides high quality water to around five million customers. So naturally they are keenly focused on providing their customers with better value for money and a high quality service.


370 Series Roof

Spantech introduced the 370 Series panel to our product line in 1990.  The site-rolled Spantech panel is unique.  The straight panel can free-span up to 9m wide, and when curved the Spantech 370 Series panel can span up to 40m wide.

This video demonstrates how we use this technology to construct a Spantech 370 Series Roof.


The Second Test

In 1990 Spantech designed the Spantech Explosives Storehouse (ESH). The revolutionary building is designed to store up to 75,000 kgs (NEQ) of HD1.1 explosives at D3 and D4 inter-magazine distances.

The best way for Spantech to test the design was to construct a set of prototype buildings at the Woomera Rocket Range in South Australia and have the Australian Department of Defence test them in a series of spectacular full-scale explosive trials.

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370 Series Panel

Spantech created the 370 Series construction panel in 2001. The curved panel was designed to free-span 40 metres without the need for any trusses or internal columns.

This video shows how the panel was used to construct a multipurpose bulk storage facility for GrainCorp at the Port of Brisbane.

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