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Spantech’s Four Unique Profiles

Spantech has four unique patented roofing profiles:

  • Spantech 300 Series;
  • Spantech 370 Series; and
  • Spantech W Series available in cover widths of 650mm or 800mm.

These profiles are self locking, standing seam profiles. They achieve the longest straight spans in their class. All profiles are manufactured on site in continuous lengths with Spantech’s mobile rollforming machines.

Spantech 300 Series and Spantech 370 Series

The Spantech 300 Series and 370 Series provide building solutions for numerous applications.

Key features

  • The system is simple and strong, yet elegant and graceful;
  • The Spantech System is based on site-rolled metal building panels of various sizes and thickness;
  • Panels are capable of use either flat or as self-supporting curved arches;
  • Maximum spans:
    • 300 Series – thirty (30) metres
    • 370 Series – forty (40) metres

Panels interlock to form a continuous structural membrane with no screws and minimal bolts. All attendant works – skylights, ventilators, lights, insulation, ducts, ceilings and the like – can be incorporated easily and economically.

Mobile Rollforming Machine

The Spantech Rollforming Machine is the heart of the Spantech Construction System.

The rollforming machines are mobile so they can manufacture the Spantech panels on site. The fully self contained machines are housed in modified shipping containers so they can be transported by road, sea or air. This makes the Spantech Construction System ideal for construction projects in remote locations.

Spantech has a fleet of seven mobile rollforming machines – five 300 Series machines and two larger 370 Series machines.

On-Site Manufacturing

On-site manufacturing allows Spantech to roll panels in continuous lengths.

Straight panels are formed in the first manufacturing stage. Straight panels are used for end walls, flat roofing and composite formwork. The straight panel is fed into the curving section of the machine to form the distinctive Spantech curved panel.

The 370 Series curved panel can span up to 40 metres wide, so each curved panel may be as long as 46m. The on site manufacturing process therefore requires a relatively flat, large unobstructed area. A car park or sports field that has direct crane access to the building site is ideal. Spantech will help assess a site to ensure that there is a suitable manufacturing space available.

The rollform machine can manufacture straight and curved panels simultaneously. The process is fast. It minimises waste and reduces labour and handling costs.

Erection Process

Panels are prepared on the ground in lifts of either 4 or 5 panels high. Each panel is joined with Spantech’s patented rollformed edge connection, a system that requires no bolts, screws or additional bending. An engaging tool is run around the joint to simply clip the panels together.

Skylights, vents and any other penetrations are cut on the ground to minimise the need to work at height.

Panels are lifted with either an overhead spreader bar or an under-slung spreader bar depending on the layout of the site and type of crane used.

Panels are bolted to cleats pre-welded to the edge beam. Once positioned the lift is engaged to the previous panels. The engaging tool is simply pulled over the roof with a rope. Once engaged, the edge-beam bolts are tightened.

Skylights and vents are installed when the roof is completed.

The result is a continuous metal membrane that forms a self supporting curved roof that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Permanent Formwork

The 300 Series profile can also be used as permanent formwork for reinforced concrete slabs. Minimum slab thickness is 160mm.

The Spantech profile acts compositely with the reinforced concrete to reduce the overall amount of reinforcing required in the design.

The 300 Series profile can used in its straight form or curved.

The straight profile is used to construct typical suspended slabs. In this form the profile will span approximately 3.0m, subject to engineering requirements, reducing or in some cases eliminating the need for temporary formwork supports.

The 300 Series curved profile is used to form reinforced concrete arched structures up to 23m wide (Note: requires some temporary propping).  This application is typically used for earth covered buildings. Refer to the Sydney Zoo project or Defence Applications.

Design Assistance

We realise our profiles are unusual and it may take you some time to get to know how to get the best out of these innovative profiles. So Spantech offers design assistance to Architects and Engineers. Contact us for details.

Spantech W Series

The Spantech W Series profile was launched in 2018. One mobile rollform machine manufactures these two profiles.

The 800mm version is the profile most commonly used. The 650mm version is recommended where longer spans are required or higher wind loads apply. The 650mm version is also typically specified where aluminium is required. Both profiles can be stretched or compressed to vary the actual cover width to suit the application. Increasing the cover width may reduce the overall span capacity of the profile.

The main advantages of the Spantech W Series profiles are:


  • The Spantech W Series can span between 12 and 20 metres (subject to building location and Engineering design approval);
  • It can provide cantilever eave from 3 to 5 metres;
  • It can be rollformed from pre-painted coil steel or aluminium;


  • The W Series is very competitively priced and fast to construct;
  • The incredible spanning capabilities of the W Series can significantly reduce the total amount of structural steel and concrete required for a project;
  • The Spantech rollform machine can be transported to site by a standard semi-trailer without an additional road escort, providing cost, time and scheduling advantages;
  • Our brand new rollforming machine is safe, operationally efficient and extremely reliable;


  • Our profile has an interlocking male and female edge which eliminates the need for Tek screws at 500mm centres. This saves construction time and reduces the risk of leaks and potential corrosion areas;
  • The W Series profile is lifted with secure clamps, not slings. This positive connection is stronger and safer than a sling technique. It reduces stress and twist on the profile during construction;


  • Spantech coil steel suppliers hold stock of double sided “Off-White” so we can mobilise faster;
  • Our rollforming machine and crew are readily available;
  • Spantech will travel all over Australia;

Functional Performance

  • The curved bends in the W Series profile eliminates any flat sections. Large flat sections near the top of similar deep profiles can cause water to overshoot gutters, impacting building users;
  • The curves in W Series profile are similar to the curves in standard corrugated roofing to ensure the W Series architecturally compliments a large range of standard roofing accessories;
  • Our coil steel is always painted on both sides with the full three layer paint system, not just a primer on the underside of the sheeting. This means exposed underside areas such as large overhangs are the same “Off White” as the rest of the roof, not just a “Shadow Grey” primer. With a full paint system on both sides the panel is better protected, especially in areas where rain cannot continually wash the surface;

Advanced Engineering

  • The W Series has been rigorously tested to a large number of different tests;
  • The Engineer who certified the testing is the same Consulting Engineer who will certify the roof design;
  • Our coil steel is warranted by one of the world’s largest and most advanced steel manufacturers who manufacture to both Australian and the higher European Standards. This Korean based mill is represented and supported in Australia by a locally owned and operated Victorian based steel supplier with over 30 years’ experience in the steel industry. Both operate independently certified quality control systems backed by Australian product warranties;


  • The W Series profile is being offered by the company that invented the profile, designed the rollforming machine and manufactures the profile. Spantech is a Registered Builder with 34 years’ experience designing and constructing buildings with our unique range of site-rollformed roofing products;
  • Spantech has completed one W Series project: Lord Howe Island Airport Terminal;
  • The Spantech W Series is currently being used for the following projects:
    • Three large buildings at St Joseph’s Catholic College, Coomera, Gold Coast. Principal Contractor – Hutchinson Builders;
    • Longreach City Council’s Emu Street Undercover Carpark – over 6,000m2 of roofing. Principal Contractor – Spantech;
    • Beenleigh Aquatic Centre – fan shaped roof and feature external walls. Principal Contractor – Alder.

For more details see Spantech’s Technical Data or Contact Spantech.

Design Assistance

We realise our profiles are unusual and it may take you some time to get to know how to get the best out of these innovative profiles. So Spantech offers design assistance to Architects and Engineers. Contact us for details.