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Andair Shelter and Ventilation Systems

Spantech is the Australian agent for Andair AG's, the Swiss supplier of specialised protective shelter equipment.

Commercial Buildings

Spantech commercial office buildings feature spacious designs with no internal columns enabling modern open-plan office space.

Defence Testing

Spantech Explosives Storehouses have been subjected to seventy-five thousand kilogram (NEQ) HD1.1 blasts at minimal NATO separation distances.

Hardened Aircraft Shelters

Spantech can customise designs to meet specific requirements including protection from specified threat and also incorporate weapons loading facilities, 24 hour crew accommodation with life support systems etc.

Industrial Buildings

Spantech industrial buildings are typically economical for structures over 1,000 square metres.

Hyrock Port Kembla


Spantech has a skill-set ideally suited to meet the challenges faced by the Mining sector: large-scale turn-key construction experience, on-site manufacturing ideal for remote locations and high safety standards.

Potato Storage

Spantech is the market leader in the design and construction of Potato Storage Facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Public Infrastructure

Spantech has completed large public infrastructure projects for State Government Departments and local Councils.

Reservoir Roofing

Spantech provides flat roofing to cover new or existing water reservoirs and waste treatment plants.

Residential Estates

Spantech residential housing is ideal where a large number of homes of the same or similar design are constructed simultaneously such as complete residential estates, retirement villages, resorts and motels.

Shade Structures

A Spantech Shade Structure is an elegant free-spanning curved roof supported by sturdy structural steel columns.

Spantech Defence Buildings

The inherent advantages of the Spantech range of hardened earth covered buildings are ideal for Defence construction as the buildings are incredibly strong, fast to construct and very effective.

Sport and Recreation

Spantech community buildings are flexible in their applications and are able to cater for a wide range of indoor sports, social activities, theatre, music performances etc.

Swimming Pools

Spantech swimming pool enclosures make pools usable year-round, increasing returns to owners and pool operators.