Spantech is the Australian based construction company that developed the patented Spantech Construction System.


The system features a curved roofing panel that can span up to 40 metres wide. The curved panel is used to construct frameless wide-span buildings. The system also includes a straight panel used for pitched roofs and walls.

Spantech panels are manufactured on site making the buildings fast to construct. Refer to the Technical Data for more information.


The Spantech Construction System is versatile, very strong, environmentally efficient and cost effective. It is most economical when applied to large commercial projects.

Spantech buildings are utilised on a diverse range of projects and applications from simple shade structures to complete indoor sports and aquatic centres. The company also offers a comprehensive range of hardened earth-covered buildings specifically for the Defence sector. See the Projects page for samples of recent projects.


The company has expertise in a number of specialised areas.  The Explosives Storehouse and Potato Stores designed by Spantech are among the best in the world.  The in-house design team also works closely with Architects and Engineers to develop designs for other projects. Our team helps them realise their designs and exploit the full benefits of the Spantech system.


The system is available in selected international regions. Spantech (Australia) constructs projects in Australia and New Zealand. Appointed licensees offer the system in other areas.